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ECSACOG Supportive Supervision Visits to the Training sites

ECSACOG conducted it’s first supportive supervision visits to the training sites in Rwanda and Zimbabwe. The visits were conducted by the ECSACOG Council Members. The objective of the visits was to assess the training progress in each site. The teams had an opportunity to meet with the Hospital Management, Programme Directors, Trainers and Trainees to discuss the progress of the ECSACOG training programme.

ECSACOG Team in Rwanda Military Hospital and King Faisal Hospital

Meeting with the ECSACOG Trainers and Programme Directors at Parirenyatwa Hospital during the Supportive Supervision Visit.

The ECSACOG Team with the Sally Mugabe Central Hospital Management Team during the Supportive Supervision Visit

Visited a number of wards including the family panning and Reproductive health clinic at United Bulawayo Hospitals

Meeting with the Chief Executive Officer at Mpilo Central Hospital

We also had a meeting with the ECSACOG Trainees at Mpilo Central Hospital

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