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Membership Training Programme

ECSACOG proudly offers a comprehensive four-year training programme in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, designed to cultivate excellence in medical practice. Open to qualified and registered Medical Doctors meeting professional requirements, the admission process involves applying through our user-friendly College website. Selection, carried out by the Education, Research, and Scientific Committee in collaboration with Country Representatives and the Secretariat, ensures alignment with specified admission criteria. Upon completing the programme, trainees undergo written and clinical examinations. Successful candidates earn the esteemed Membership of the College designation, “MCOG-ECSA.” Further details, including an in-depth understanding of the curriculum, can be found in our provided Curriculum document.

Application Instruction

Before applying, reach out to your country representatives for guidance. They can provide essential information on the application process.

Thoroughly read the ECSACOG Membership Curriculum to understand eligibility criteria. Ensure that you meet all requirements outlined in the curriculum.

Carefully review and agree to comply with all ECSACOG regulations throughout the training period.

Have a passport-style photo ready in .jpg or .png format, ensuring it meets ECSACOG’s specified guidelines.

Prepare clear and legible scanned copies of your medical degree and registration certificate in .jpg, .png, or .pdf format.

Submit the USD 100 application fee through the ECSACOG Pay or bank transfer.

After submission, wait for confirmation of acceptance. Upon acceptance, receive instructions on tuition fee payment to complete registration.

Pay the tuition fee as per the fee structure using the provided ECSACOG Pay orĀ  bank transfer.

Upon completing the tuition fee payment, receive confirmation of registration as an ECSACOG trainee. Follow any additional instructions provided to begin your training.