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International Safe Abortion Day 2023: OBGYNS are Essential Allies for the Unstoppable Abortion Solidarity Movement

On September 28th, ECSACOG proudly joins forces with activists and partner organizations worldwide to mark International Safe Abortion Day. This year’s theme, “Unstoppable Movement: Movement building, solidarity, and justice for the right to safe abortion,” underscores the unwavering commitment to advancing the cause of safe abortion.

Over the last three decades, more than 60 countries have taken significant steps to liberalize their abortion laws. Whether it’s Benin or Ireland, the recognition of abortion rights as fundamental human rights has become increasingly apparent, serving to fortify gender equality and the principle of bodily autonomy. This noteworthy progress in law, policy, and societal attitudes owes much to the collective dedication of women’s rights advocates, healthcare providers, youth movements, and the broader civil society.

ECSACOG – FIGO takes immense pride in being a part of this relentless global movement, dedicated to bolstering access to safe abortion care. We remain resolute in our commitment to ensuring that safe abortion care is readily accessible and that the stigma surrounding abortion is challenged and dismantled. Crucially, regulating abortion care as a fundamental aspect of healthcare, free from the constraints of penal codes, stands as a pivotal goal in our journey. We are acutely aware that change is achievable, and we stand united, never wavering in our determination to make it happen.